Model QTL 6 Colors Medium Speed Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine

Short Description:

This 6 colors medium speed stack type flexo printing machine (70-80m/min) is mainly applied for economic demand paper/plastic reel printing job, which is an ideal option when you start the printing project at beginning stage. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

  • Printing Material: Paper 15-300gram Non woven 15-120gram Various kind of plastic film like OPP,PVC,BOPP,PE,NY,PET and CPP. etc
  • Model: 600-1200
  • Printing Colors: 1-6
  • Plate Cylinder : 220-1000mm
  • Max Printing Speed: 70m/min
  • Applicable Ink: Water based ink/Solvent-based ink
  • Printing Work: Helical gear + belt drive
  • Color Register Accuracy: ±0.20mm
  • Print Plate Thickness: 1.70/2.28mm (differ as per client’s demand)
  • Unwind/Rewind Diameter: Φ1000mm
  • Optional Functions: Ceramic anilox roller Hydraulic printing cylinder lifting Still camera Auto material loading/unloading Auto material loading/friction rewinding

Product Detail

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Customized Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine


-Provide Solutions
Per customer requests & samples
-Product Development
Specification can be customized as per users request
-Customer Confirmation
Bring machine into formal production once confirmed

-Machine Test
Test trial according to user’s sample design until smoothly running
Damp proof
By air or sea.

Applicable Paper & Plastic Packages

It is suitable for various kinds of paper and flexible packages







Q: What about the maximum print colour?
A: it can up to 8 colors

Q: Is there ceramic anilox roller ?
A: Yes, it is optional that up to users

Q: Can we use it for post-press of paper cup or box ?
A: Yes, the premise is paper weight within 300gram/m²

Q: Is it able to have paper reel for diameterφ1200mm ?
A: Yes, we can make corresponding modification on unwind unit

Q: What is the lead time?
A: 50 days shall be necessary

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