Model JD-G350J Fully Automatic Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Short Description:

This fully automatic sharp bottom paper bag machine adopts blank paper or printed paper as substrates for production such as kraft paper, striped brown paper, slick paper, food coated paper and medical paper, etc. Bag making process respectively are consisted of puncture, side gluing, side folding, bag forming, cutting off, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bag output in one-off time, which is an ideal equipment for different kinds of paper bag production, kind like snack food bag, bread bag, dry-fruit bag and environmental-friendly bag.

  • Model : JD-G350J
  • Cutting Length: 165-715mm
  • Paper bag Length: 160-715mm
  • Paper Bag Width: 70-350mm
  • Gusset Width: 20-120mm
  • Bag Mouth Height: 15/20mm
  • Paper Thickness: 35-80g/m²
  • Paper Reel Width: 100-980mm
  • Paper Reel Diameter: 200-1000mm
  • Plastic Film Width: 50-240mm
  • Plastic Film Thickness: 0.012-0.037mm(OPP/PET)
  • Film Reel Diameter: Φ500mm
  • Air Source: ≥0.12m³/min,0.6-1.2Mpa

Product Detail

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Bag Schematic


Machine Features

HMI introduced “LENZE,GERMANY”, easy for operation
Motion controller introduced “LENZE,GERMANY”, optical fiber integration
Servo motor introduced “Rexroth,Germany”, with stable running state
Photo electricity sensor introduced “Sick,Germany”, precisely tracking printing bag
Hydraulic material reel loading/unloading
Automatic tension control
Web alinger introduced “SELECTRA,ITALY”, to reduce adjustment time


Customized Paper Bag Machine


-Provide Solutions    
Set out plans as per samples or technical drawing

-Product Development
Specification can be modified as plan develops

-Customer Confirmation
Start of fabrication once O/D confirmed

-Machine Test
As per client’s designated paper weight until test acceptance

Damp proof and exported wooden box

- Delivery
By air or ocean






Q: Could you send me an offer with print section for 2 or 4 colors
A: Yes, it shall be inline flexo printer

Q: Are this machine equipped with window and V-size bottom, without handle?
A: Yes, but it’s better to show us bag sample, just in case error

Q: Do you know which kind of plastic film should we use for window ?
A: Most users would adopt OPP/PET that between 0.012-0.0037mm

Q: Is it possible for machine to reach capacity like 500pcs/min?
A: Yes, it can up to 650pcs/min at the maximum

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: 2 months

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