Model FD-330/450T Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Inline Handles Device

Short Description:

This fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine inline handles device is designed for the production of paper bag with twisted handles, it adopts high advanced German imported motion controller (CPU) that will greatly guarantee running stability and motion curve smoothness, which is an ideal equipment for mass production of shopping bag and food bag in printing packaging industry.

Model FD-330T FD-450T
Paper Bag Length 270-530mm 270-430mm(full) 270-530mm 270-430mm(full)
Paper Bag Width 120-330mm 200-330mm(full) 260-450mm 260-450mm(full)
Bottom Width 60-180mm 90-180mm
Paper Thickness 50-150g/m² 80-160g/m²(full) 80-150g/m² 80-150g/m²(full;)
Production Speed 30-180pcs/min (without handle) 30-150pcs/min (without handles)
Production Speed 30-150pcs/min (with handle) 30-130pcs/min (with handle)
Paper Reel Width 380-1050mm 620-1050mm 700-1300mm 710-1300mm
Cutting Knife Saw-tooth cutting
Paper Reel Diameter 1200mm
Machine Power Three phase, 4 wires, 38kw

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Bag Schematic


Machine Features

HMI introduced “Schneider,France”, easy for operation
Motion controller introduced “Rexroth,Germany”, optical fiber integration
Servo motor introduced “Rexroth,Germany”, with stable running state
Photo electricity sensor introduced “Sick,Germany”, precisely tracking printing bag
Hydraulic material reel loading/unloading
Automatic tension control
Web alinger introduced “Selectra,Italy”, to reduce paper-reel positioning time


Customized Paper Bag Machine


-Provide Solutions    
It can be provided until sample shown by users

-Product Development
Specification can be modified as per users request

-Customer Confirmation
Put machine into production

-Machine Test
Test trial per user’s bag type

Standard exported packaging

Depend on client’s situation






Q: Can you verify the bag width and cut length for the 450T ?
A: Yes, 270-430mm (cut length) and 260-450mm (bag width)

Q: Is Model FD450T less than FD450, is that correct?
A: Yes, less 10mm than FD450, due to the 10mm more length of handle rope

Q: How much additional would 4 ink inline be ?
A: It depend machine type, 330T or 450T

Q: Do you have offline twisted paper handle making machines?
A: Yes, we can send you by email

Q: How long has your company been producing these machines?
A: It has been 13 years since 2009

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