What Can A Rotogravure Printing Machine Print?

The printing volume of the printing plate is very large, the most prominent is the thickness of the ink layer, printing more than 400,000 prints, if the printing volume can be increased after the printing plate, generally a large area can be dug out, and these can be used. More high-end and larger print jobs.


First, paper money, securities, stamps and other securities

Second, cigarette case printing, wine case printing, etc. are relatively high-end printing

Thirdly film type printing with a relatively large amount of printing, such as instant noodle milk boxes, etc., because these plastic printing have almost zero absorption of offset flexo printing ink, and the drying method of gravure printing is mainly volatilization drying, so it is better to use gravure printing. And the printing volume is generally very large. Generally, the printing volume of offset printing is about 160,000, which is far less than the 40,000-50,000 gravure printing

Post time: Jun-22-2021