2021-12-18 FULEE Machine ASY – AH 1250 * 10 colors rotogravure printing machine is running in Uruguay market for flexible packaging company

FULEE MACHINE has always been harmonious with upstream and downstream manufacturers. Few years ago, the upstream manufacturer introduced that we actively approached the large flexible packaging company that has been operating in Uruguay for more than 13 years. The company‘s flexible packaging products have 60% of the local market. 

FULEE MACHINE explores the needs of customers in-depth, plans suitable solutions for him, analyzes and explains, and facilitates customers to make decisions. Because customer products need to be able to supply to local market promptly, products have to produce continuously for a long time. Therefore, the durability and power consumption of the machine is given priority consideration by customers. In the follow-up, the power consumption of the machine is verified through power measurement.

FULEE MACHINE energy-saving rotogravure printing machine is more efficient than other brands of equipment. Power saving allows customers to carry out long-term production planning more effectively. Besides, quickly job changeover also save a lot of time, which is more efficiency on production, less wastage while auto splicing, and save splicing wastage. Finally, the customer chose us to introduce

FULEE MACHINE ASY-81250AH colors rotogravure printing machine for his shrink label project. During the period of use, the customer showed the other party's satisfaction in terms of use and service to FULEE MACHINE and hoped to have more cooperation plans in the future. It is an infinite honor for us to obtain the affirmation and trust of our customers, which also gives us more confidence to fight for future cooperation orders. 


If you happen to have interest in ASY-81250AH rotogravure printing machine for flexible packaging film (shrink film like bottle label printing/mineral water label), please feel free to reach us blairlee888@foxmail.com directly

Post time: Apr-23-2022