Model ZX-RB Automatic Carton Thermoforming Machine

Short Description:

This equipment adopts hot air generating device, which is suitable for single PE coated paper, which is used to produce single-cell disposable boxes through continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, heating (with its own hot air generating device), hot pressing (bonding the four corners of the lunch box), automatic point collection, and microcomputer control, paper lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, cake cups, food packaging boxes, etc. Any question, kindly contact us !

  • Model : ZX-RB
  • Production Speed: 30-45pcs/min (as per box size)
  • Raw Material: PE coated paper
  • Paper Thickness: 200-400gram/m²
  • Max Box Size: 480*480mm
  • Air Source: 0.4-0.5Mpa
  • Power Supply: Three phase 380V, 50hz, 3kw
  • Optional : Air compressor

Product Detail

Product Tags


-Mechanical transmission
-High production rate
-Energy conservation
-Flexible operation
-Computer test

Working Principle

The working speed of this equipment is currently 40 times per minute, which is the leading level in China. It has automatic systems such as feeding monitoring, paper feeding monitoring, forming monitoring, and collection monitoring. If there is a fault, the machine will stop and alarm.

Customized Carton Thermoforming Machine


-Provide Solutions    
Based on the box to be produced

-Product Development
Electrical brands adjusted as users need

-Customer Confirmation
Start of fabrication once O/D confirmed

-Machine Test
Depends on the appointed paper box

-Machine Packaging
Damp proof packaging

-Delivery Method
By train or sea





Packaging & Delivery


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