Model ZUB Three-Side Sealing, Middle Sealing Dual-Purpose Bag-Making Machine

Short Description:

This three side middle sealing dual-purpose bag making machine (150 times/min) is an ideal equipment for three side sealing and middle sealing pouch production by substrates such as plastic/plastic, paper/plastic, paper/paper laminated materials

  • Bag Material: Different laminated substrates such as plastic/plastic, paper/plastic, paper/paper
  • Bag Material: 400/500/600
  • Bag Material: 850/1050/1250mm
  • Max Production Rate: 150times/min
  • Material Skip Feeding Times: 1-6times
  • Unwind/Rewind Diameter: Φ600mm
  • Optional Functions: Chiller

Product Detail

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Across Membrane Chart


Performance Features

1. The temperature is regulated by PID, adjustable from 0 to 300°C, automatic control without contact, and centralized setting on the man-machine interface.
2. The temperature is centrally controlled by the computer.
3. Pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, automatic collection of edge material removal, equipped with static electricity elimination device.
4. Working method: customized bag making, photoelectric tracking bag making
5. Punching method: continuous, interval, stop, and punching time can be preset
6. Double delivery method: 1 to 6 times delivery.
7. Batch delivery function: The workbench has a batch delivery function, and the batch delivery quantity can be preset.

Mechanical Parts


Cutting Part


Horizontal Sealing Part


End Compression Part

Pouch Size & Processing Direction


Remark: skip feeding function is available for bag making length that over 320mm

Customized Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine


-Provide Solutions    
Based on user’s samples to provide machine type
-Product Development
Some brands can be replaced as per users request
-Customer Confirmation
Start of fabrication once confirmed

-Machine Test
Test trial as per client’s bag sample until quality acceptance
Moisture & anti-dirt
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